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The Google Empire: Android and Youtube

January 27, 2011 Leave a comment

With Android at the top of the smartphone market and Youtube easily atop the video platform market, Google and its acquisitions seem to be in perfect position to remain relevant in the near future of technology.   In 2010, Google’s Android operating system was used in more phones than Apple’s iOS4,  and I think it will continue to be more utilized than the iPhone, due to its flexibility and open development system.  Android has managed to create a very open ended platform, and it has shown so far to be a more popular one than the iPhone.

YouTube really does not have much competition from anyone in its market, including Vimeo.  It has established a chokehold on video hosting on most other websites, and is a household name around the world.  With its branding power, I really don’t see anyone being able to overtake YouTube in the video market.

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The winners of the Wikis

January 27, 2011 Leave a comment

The three smartphones in competition (the iPhone, Android and Blackberry) all have their own personal styles and followers in the market, so it’s sometimes difficult to compare.  While it’s clear that the iPhone dominates in the market, I believe that there is room for competition.  The Blackberry’s time came and went with the introduction of the iPhone, but the Blackberry will always have its followers (especially in the business world).  However, I think that the Android operating system could take over the market as the leading smartphone.  It has a similar touch screen interface as the iPhone, but there is much more depth to the operating system (Linux) and lots of room for the phone to constantly grow and evolve because it’s open source which means people anywhere can make apps or improvements for the Android phone.  While I think the Android has a persuasive argument, there is definite substance to the argument on the Blackberry Wiki page.  The recommendations for updating the workability of the Blackberry are very important and could be simple fixes that would perhaps give them another boost in the marketplace.  The Blackberry Torch is comparable to many of the other leading smartphones out there, so it looks like the Blackberry company has been working towards those improvements.

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Wiki Project–iPhone

January 27, 2011 Leave a comment

After reading the wiki pages I believe that the iPhone is the strongest contender in the market place.

The iPhone has the advantage of being released by Apple, which is one of the largest technology companies. The first thing that the iPhone has going for it is brand loyalty. The people who buy the apple computers and iPods are more likely to purchase the iPhone.

The biggest issue that I see with the iPhone is that it is presently only able to operate on one network, however, Apple has realized that issue, and will soon be offering the iPhone through Verizon as well. On the wiki they suggested changing the design of the phone. Personally, I believe that the design is something that the iPhone is known for, so if the design could be maintained while still improving reception I believe that would be a good choice for Apple.

The price point for the iPhone may also produce an issue. Not only is it an expensive phone to initially purchase, but the data plans are not as reasonable as other smart phone plans. On the wiki there was mention of a sliding keyboard. I think that it would be a great idea to make a less expensive version of the iPhone with a keyboard for the younger customers buying the phone and plan on their own. Offering more styles of iPhones will also make the product successful if there is more than one model to pick from.

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Wiki Pages

January 27, 2011 Leave a comment

While I think each group did a great job on their wiki assignments, I believe that the Android group did the best job at laying out “their” company’s information including its history, the way it operates, its competitors, and future steps. What I liked most about this particular wiki page was the layout. The simplicity of the visual layout made it easy on the eyes, and therefore made me more inclined to go on and read. However, it was a slight pain to have to scroll sideways to read what was written in certain sections. Aside from that, I thought the layout was clean and organized. In addition, one of the strongest points of their argument was that Google owns Android. This connection is important in that Google is a powerhouse in the business world, and people tend to associate reliability with their great success. Another strong point of this wiki page is the inclusion of videos and graphics that explain the way in which the Android system works. Finally, I liked that they included pie charts to illustrate their position in the market place as well as show their competition. As a whole, I thought this group did an exceptional job on explaining the Android system.

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Group Wiki Assignment

January 26, 2011 Leave a comment

In this assignment, I feel that the MySpace group did a great job with their presentation and their online layout. The group explained the history of the company as well as who owns it and general website statistics. The group also did something unique, which was by showing the reader how the website and its competitors appeal to different users. The way they explained the way MySpace works with allowing you to be creative and “free” with your page seemed a lot more appealing that Facebook’s traditional page (which is pretty much the same for every user). One thing I liked about the wiki page was that they placed a picture that allowed the reader to compare and contrast the differences in the Facebook and MySpace pages. They also tell the reader how the music community on MySpace is bigger and better than Facebook’s due to MySpace’s creative page layouts. Every time I find about a new artist I almost always go to MySpace to see if they have a page.

These pages usually contain a variety of information that gives the user a brief background on the band and allows for the user to listen to some of the band’s music. I believe that music is extremely important for everyone nowadays, especially now that new music is revealed through online sources. This is one advantage that the wiki presented to me as a reader that showed they had a strong argument, even if they are currently behind in the market against other competitors. Another thing I really liked about the MySpace wiki was their ideas for improvement. One thing I really hate about going onto a website is being spammed with ads, and I feel that MySpace especially has gotten a little better about this, but improvement can be made as the group states. On the technical side of things, I remembered going onto friend’s pages could be a slow process when they had tons of items on their page. By getting rid of this lagging process, the online experience for each individual would be much more enjoyable. Overall, the group did an excellent job presenting their ideas in an organized and detailed manner.

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Group Presentations

January 26, 2011 Leave a comment

Out of all the pages I feel that the Nook page had the strongest presentation. Nook to me seems like a product that in the future will continue to grow and become a major product that people want. The new Nook Color I feel makes it a more valuable source and would make it more desirable for a consumer like me who is distracted by the traditional black and white newspaper style. The Nook group presented the information about their products as well as their competitors in a very clear fashion, giving me, a consumer an easy way to compare the products.

          The Nook group also presented some really intriguing ideas for the future of the product. I agree that the textbook market should be explored seeing that the academic world and its students are always looking for ways to advance. The only question I was left with was how this product will not be considered a Laptop of some kind with its future additions such as Internet. Being in competition with something like the Ipad, which is seen by many, as a mini laptop in many ways is the Nook heading for that market and would that beneficial?  Overall I was really impressed by the Nook group’s ideas and I truly saw it as a great product in the marketplace that can be even better.

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Wiki Assignment: Wii

January 26, 2011 Leave a comment

In this Wiki assignment, I thought that the Wii group did an exceptional job. First of all they gave a thorough background on the company. But what I believe was really well done was the advantages and features that set the company apart from its competitors. To me, these advantages allow for the Wii to be well above its competition. Everything from the allowance of people of all ages to play – in simple or more complex games for the experienced user – to the compatibility of other systems and games to the reasonable price. One thing that I hear a lot from my friends is the complaint that they cannot play with their old childhood video games anymore because of the always changing systems. Also, the Wii includes so much more than video games now. Users can watch movies, surf the web, get current news and weather, view pictures, and get a decent workout all in one system.

The aspect of this page that I enjoyed the most was the future suggestions. I think that if Wii was to start providing 3D gaming, the company’s revenue would blow the competition out of the water. 3D movies are the “new thing”. People want to be included in what they are watching and this new wave of technology has already changed the movie world. By allowing a person to not only control the game with his or her body but also allowing them to be in the game would be revolutionary.  I also like the idea of advertising live gaming because that seems to be something that is only associated with the Xbox. Even though Xbox is still very popular, with all of the new technology that Wii is coming up with, it seems to be that unless Xbox comes out with something extremely different and new, something never been done before, it will be very hard for them to compete with the Wii.

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