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Group Presentations

Out of all the pages I feel that the Nook page had the strongest presentation. Nook to me seems like a product that in the future will continue to grow and become a major product that people want. The new Nook Color I feel makes it a more valuable source and would make it more desirable for a consumer like me who is distracted by the traditional black and white newspaper style. The Nook group presented the information about their products as well as their competitors in a very clear fashion, giving me, a consumer an easy way to compare the products.

          The Nook group also presented some really intriguing ideas for the future of the product. I agree that the textbook market should be explored seeing that the academic world and its students are always looking for ways to advance. The only question I was left with was how this product will not be considered a Laptop of some kind with its future additions such as Internet. Being in competition with something like the Ipad, which is seen by many, as a mini laptop in many ways is the Nook heading for that market and would that beneficial?  Overall I was really impressed by the Nook group’s ideas and I truly saw it as a great product in the marketplace that can be even better.

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