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Ohio university mourns after fatal shooting


According to chapter ten in our book, framing is one of the biggest problems in journalism today.  The facts of a story are frequently forced to fit into a certain frame or angle, regardless of reality.  After doing some searching around, I found an article about a campus shooting that occurred recently in Ohio at Youngstown State University that fits into the “school shooting” type of frame.  In short, two kids were kicked out of a fraternity party early Sunday morning.  A scuffle ensued and ended up with shots being fired; killing one and wounding eleven more….the link is listed above if anyone cares to read the story.  The problem I have with this story deals with the contradicting frames that seem to run ramped throughout it.  On one hand, the article presents universities (especially this one) as safe places where things like shootings simply do not happen (and are freak occurrences when they do).  According to the article, “the shooting isn’t a product of town-gown tensions between city residents and university students,” describing Youngstown State as “one of the safest campuses in the state of Ohio.”  Another quote is given by a student stating “he has never felt unsafe on this campus before.”  At the same time however, the article also depicts the university as a potentially dangerous place in an area where crime is a problem.  The article goes on to say that “the school is in a ‘more dangerous’ part of the city. That’s one reason why those heading into area parties are often patted-down to ensure they aren’t carrying weapons, something McDonald said was the case at this weekend’s event.”  So after making me believe the school was one of the safest in Ohio, the reporter comes back with information about having to be patted down for weapons before going into a party.  It just seems very contradictory to me.  In general, I think the story should have spoken more about the actual shooting and what led up to the violence instead of trying to make the university look a certain way.  The real tragedy is that kids are killing other kids…..not about campuses and frat houses….and I feel the story was framed in a way to reflect the school’s image more so than to address teen shootings……if you get what I mean……..

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  1. tessdoez
    February 21, 2011 at 12:47 am

    This is a good analysis of the framing of this article, and mostly error free. I might just point out that you mean “run rampant” not “run ramped” when you are referring to the different angles from which the piece is framed. Additionally I would recommend against using such hyperbolic language to describe a phenomenon that does not match the strength of your language. This is just a side note–I have given you credit for the post on Blackboard.

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