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As I looked through most of the Wiki’s I could tell that most groups put a lot of thought and effort into their Wiki’s. One Group that really stood out to me was the Apple IPhone’s Wiki page.  Most of the Wiki’s had a lot of valuable information but it was scattered throughout their Wiki page. For example, The Wii Wiki which was mine after viewing our Wiki compared to the Apple IPhones we defiantly could of made ours more organized so that it would of looked more professional like the IPhones.  The Apple Phone’s was very organized and made it easy to find all the necessary information we as board members would like to know in order to make a informed decision on whether we would want to invest our money into this product or not.

I also enjoyed how they gave us an index at the top of the page pointing out what questions they were going to answer and in what order, this made it easy to find information that you might be interested in. I thought this was good because you could look at what you wanted to find out about the IPhone and go right to it with how organized their page was. I also enjoyed reading what IPhone should do next in order to have greater successes in the market. I thought of something they could add which is expand to other cell phone carriers such as they did with Verizon. I know there are probably certain legal obligations that Apple  has to abide by so that they can only be with these two carriers but if possible they should expand to other carriers. Also they should lower the prices of the IPhone, having an IPhone I can say that it’s defiantly not worth $400. Just like any other top celling product such as certain clothes, cars, video game consoles, ect were paying more for the name of the product than it’s actually quality which this is just my personal opinion.


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