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While I think each group did a great job on their wiki assignments, I believe that the Android group did the best job at laying out “their” company’s information including its history, the way it operates, its competitors, and future steps. What I liked most about this particular wiki page was the layout. The simplicity of the visual layout made it easy on the eyes, and therefore made me more inclined to go on and read. However, it was a slight pain to have to scroll sideways to read what was written in certain sections. Aside from that, I thought the layout was clean and organized. In addition, one of the strongest points of their argument was that Google owns Android. This connection is important in that Google is a powerhouse in the business world, and people tend to associate reliability with their great success. Another strong point of this wiki page is the inclusion of videos and graphics that explain the way in which the Android system works. Finally, I liked that they included pie charts to illustrate their position in the market place as well as show their competition. As a whole, I thought this group did an exceptional job on explaining the Android system.

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