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Wiki Project–iPhone

After reading the wiki pages I believe that the iPhone is the strongest contender in the market place.

The iPhone has the advantage of being released by Apple, which is one of the largest technology companies. The first thing that the iPhone has going for it is brand loyalty. The people who buy the apple computers and iPods are more likely to purchase the iPhone.

The biggest issue that I see with the iPhone is that it is presently only able to operate on one network, however, Apple has realized that issue, and will soon be offering the iPhone through Verizon as well. On the wiki they suggested changing the design of the phone. Personally, I believe that the design is something that the iPhone is known for, so if the design could be maintained while still improving reception I believe that would be a good choice for Apple.

The price point for the iPhone may also produce an issue. Not only is it an expensive phone to initially purchase, but the data plans are not as reasonable as other smart phone plans. On the wiki there was mention of a sliding keyboard. I think that it would be a great idea to make a less expensive version of the iPhone with a keyboard for the younger customers buying the phone and plan on their own. Offering more styles of iPhones will also make the product successful if there is more than one model to pick from.

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