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Wiki Assignment: Wii

In this Wiki assignment, I thought that the Wii group did an exceptional job. First of all they gave a thorough background on the company. But what I believe was really well done was the advantages and features that set the company apart from its competitors. To me, these advantages allow for the Wii to be well above its competition. Everything from the allowance of people of all ages to play – in simple or more complex games for the experienced user – to the compatibility of other systems and games to the reasonable price. One thing that I hear a lot from my friends is the complaint that they cannot play with their old childhood video games anymore because of the always changing systems. Also, the Wii includes so much more than video games now. Users can watch movies, surf the web, get current news and weather, view pictures, and get a decent workout all in one system.

The aspect of this page that I enjoyed the most was the future suggestions. I think that if Wii was to start providing 3D gaming, the company’s revenue would blow the competition out of the water. 3D movies are the “new thing”. People want to be included in what they are watching and this new wave of technology has already changed the movie world. By allowing a person to not only control the game with his or her body but also allowing them to be in the game would be revolutionary.  I also like the idea of advertising live gaming because that seems to be something that is only associated with the Xbox. Even though Xbox is still very popular, with all of the new technology that Wii is coming up with, it seems to be that unless Xbox comes out with something extremely different and new, something never been done before, it will be very hard for them to compete with the Wii.

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