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Media Diary Blog

January 15, 2011 Leave a comment

Friday 1/7/2011

11:00 AM- 12:00 AM

  • Went on Facebook
  • Checked e-mails
  • Watched TV
  • Watched Degrassi DVD
  • Texted Friends
  • Listened to music on internet
  • Call mom  on cell phone
  • Surfed Internet
  • Read news on internet
  • Played games online
  • Watched live prank call show online

Saturday 1/8/2011

10:00 AM- 11:00 PM

  • Went on Facebook
  • Watched TV
  • Watched movie on Netflix
  • Texted Friends
  • Skype friends
  • Listened to music on internet
  • Call friends
  • Surfed Internet
  • Played games online
  • Played video games on PS2
  • Used Google maps
  • Listened to iPod on train
  • Watched YouTube Videos

Sunday 1/9/2011

11:00 AM- 12:00 AM

  • Went on Facebook
  • Texted friends
  • Watched TV
  • Listened to music on internet
  • Read article online for class

Monday 1/10/2011

12:00 PM-6:00 PM

  • Texted Friends
  • Watched TV
  • Listened to Jango
  • Watch videos on YouTube

This log really made me see how central media is to my life. I use media at least once every hour in one way shape or form, from being on my laptop to surfing on my mobile phone. I am really unsure how I would function especially on the weekends without it. I use media for entertainment purposes much of the time. But along with that I feel it can also be seen as personal interaction because I use my cell phone to communicate as well as internet through IMs and Facebook. Media is a big thing for me because it calms me down and puts me in a relaxed state of mind. I watch TV a lot and I also listen to music a lot because these are two things that relax me.

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Media Journal

January 13, 2011 Leave a comment

These are my interactions with media from Friday through Monday:

Friday: Watched SportsCenter in the dining Hall for 30 minutes in the morning. Used my laptop to get research on a project for 3D approaches during studio hours. I talked to my friend from my high school on the phone for 45 minutes. Talked to my dad on the phone for 25 minutes. Went to Jazzman’s to get lunch and texted 4 different people about tonight’s plans. I talked on the phone with my mom at 11:00pm for a half hour.

Saturday: Woke up and played XM radio on my laptop while cleaning my room. Skied in Breckenridge, and used a “Go Pro Hero” video camera that straps you your ski helmet. Used cell phone multiple times while calling other people to meet up at Breck. Watched CNN while eating in one of the chalet’s.

Sunday: Made a video using iMovie of the footage taken while skiing in Breckenridge the previous day. Went to Church in the Evans Chapel and went on facebook on my phone on the way. Finished up homework and Played Call of Duty for 45 minutes before getting ready to go to bed.

Monday: Used iPod when I went to the gym to workout. Used my laptop to record part of the journal entries. Typed part of my English paper for an hour and a half, using Microsoft Word and Blackboard.

Last week, around Wednesday, I misplaced my phone. It was really frustrating because I knew the vicinity of where it was: my dorm room. I kept searching but for some reason I still could not find it! I ended up not finding my phone until 36 hours later. Through this time, my memory was refreshed on the reliance I have on my cell phone. Contrary to the way a lot of teens may respond to this situation, I actually experienced somewhat of a freeing feeling not having to respond to texts and make phone calls. I found that though facebook and emails I could still contact the people I needed to contact and I could function. However, the main issue was being able to get a hold of someone when I was out and about on campus. The cell phone is definitely essential for me to have throughout my day in order to stay on top of things. Over this period of time that I spent recording my use of media in a journal, I realized again that I use my cell phone throughout the day. I found that besides being in class (which is what the majority of this time was) was the time where I would be using a form (or multiple forms) of media without even realizing it. I’ve always known Facebook was a huge part of my life and definitely was up 90% of the time that I have my laptop open. I seem to only watch the news on television when it is presented to me. I never found myself turning on the TV in my dorm room and going to a weather channel or a popular news channel. I never looked at one newspaper. All of the time spent staying up on the news (especially sports) was either on TV or on the internet such as or It was eye opening to actually pay attention to my use of media, because it really is a huge part of my life.

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The best show on television: Modern Family

January 13, 2011 3 comments

The television show that I chose to examine through the lens of media grammar is one that I consider one of the best and most entertaining shows on TV right now, Modern Family. Modern Family premiered on ABC in the fall of 2009 and was an instant success. The show follows the families of Jay Pritchett, his daughter Claire Dunphy, and his son Mitchell Pritchett, who live in a LA suburban community. It follows the families through the many trials and tribulations that many families face through everyday life while still trying to remain close and supportive of each other. I believe the subtext of the show is that no matter what happens to you or how many embarrassing mistakes you make, your family will always love you and be there for you, even though sometimes they might make matters worse. Modern Family has appeared in print in many magazines including on the cover of Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide and interview with various members of the cast have been featured in New York Magazine and The Examiner. There is no music featured in the show because the genre of the show is a comedy “mockumentary,” in which the family’s everyday life is observed by cameras, broken up my interviews by each member of each family. Thus, if music started to play throughout, it would ruin the authenticity and mood of the show. Modern Family is appealing to all different kinds of audiences because the three families are so different with one racially mixed family, a gay couple and divorced parents with step-children. Although the families have diverse characteristics it also highlights the relationships between parents and their children, siblings and how these relationships can change or stay the same over time. I believe with every episode of Modern Family its audience expects to be able to laugh out loud while relating to the characters and the show’s positive subtext. It also borrows from the online community because it has a very popular webpage on with episode recaps, videos and cast member biographies. The show also has it’s own application that includes funny quotes and summaries from episodes that can be purchased for the iPhone, iTouch or iPad. Like previous great comedies that have come before it, Modern Family knows that its not just about making their audience laugh, but about how they make them feel after watching it. Modern Family is especially unique because they have managed to take the tired subject of dysfunctional families and breathe new life into it, all while using a positive subtext to leave their audiences feeling joyful and positive at the end of each episode.


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Weekend media journal

January 13, 2011 Leave a comment

This was a fairly interesting experience for me. Media is an important part of my life. I am a musician, therefore I listen to many artists to see “how they’re doing it. Starting on friday I noticed that I really dont use my phone as much as most people. And as people these days prefer to text, I still prefer to call people. I have friends that always say “shoot me a text” or something like that and I always end up calling them. In a way, with texting, I feel like we have backtracked to something similar to the telegraph. I spent lots of time over the weekend skiing with my girlfriend and my friends already knew I had plans. So I really didn’t use my phone much; mostly to see what time it was.

I noticed I checked my facebook at least twice a day, but not for more than 10 min at a time. I really look down upon folks who use facebook for more than an hour a day. I personally would rather spend my time with actual people, or calling them to plan something with them at a later date. I checked my email about twice a day as well as my checking account. On sunday afternoon I checked up on to see the latest movie news. This is a site I visit fairly regularly. I watched new trailers to upcoming films and checked ratings of movies I had already seen to see what others thought.

I also check youtube and itunes for good music. I also record my music so I look for tips online so I can learn new tricks. Overall I think I use media less than most people my age in America, but I still enjoy it.

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Media Diary

January 12, 2011 Leave a comment


First I woke up to my cell phone alarm at around 9 and ate breakfast while watching the news. Then I went to classes and I had my laptop with me. I used it to take notes and on breaks to check my mail and Facebook occasionally. StumbleUpon is also something I utilize whenever I get bored. I also used my phone throughout the day to send texts and calls to friends and family. Later on in the afternoon, I watched television with some friends and then played video games on a Playstation 3 and the Nintendo 64. Eventually I drove home and listened to music on the radio. When I got home, I used the laptop a little more and eventually fell asleep.


I woke up and checked my computer for news, mail, and again Facebook. I then went to watch the playoff games for football on the television. I used my phone throughout the day to send texts and calls to friends and family. When I got bored, I used my Ipod to listen to music and mess around with some apps. I then went for a run in the afternoon and took my Ipod with me to listen to music along the trip. At night, I used the Playstation 3 to play a couple of games before I went to sleep.


I used my dad’s GPS navigation system to run some errands for my parents and listened to music on my Ipod. I checked my phone for updates on the football games at certain points throughout the day. When I got the chance, I checked the television for live feeds of each game, and then I headed back home. I used my laptop for a while and then used my phone to call and meet up with some friends. I then came back home, used my Ipod for a little bit then fell asleep.


I woke up from the alarm clock on my phone and went downstairs to eat breakfast while again watching the news. I then went to school and took my laptop again to take notes and occasionally mess around with. I then used some programs for my statistics class to help me understand the concepts better and I also viewed the website “Digg” for all different kinds of news. I then finished classes and texted a couple of friends to meet up to eat. I then went home, finished some homework on my laptop, talked to some friends on the phone, and then fell asleep.


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Blog #2 – Weekend of January 7-10

January 11, 2011 Leave a comment

I spent most of this weekend snowboarding at Keystone, so I had personal interactions with my friends that I went up with, but mostly the weekend was devoted to entertainment. I had personal interactions with a friend from DU on Friday, and I met his friend who goes to CU Boulder, since he was driving us. That night I spent more time at DU interacting with friend in Centennial Halls, since I live in JMAC. Saturday morning I was on my way back to Keystone with my two DU friends who are from Montana. It was a much busier day on the mountain, so I had much more interaction with strangers on the lift line and while hiking up to the bowls. That Saturday night I again interacted with friends in Halls, so looking at the weekend as a whole I guess I did have a combination of entertainment and personal interactions. Sunday was devoted to sleeping, and then traveling downtown on the light rail to buy a helmet. I interacted with people on the train, and in the stores I went to. Finally, Monday was devoted more to personal interactions during the school day, since the entertainment cannot come before school!


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Media Diary

January 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Fri 1/7/11

11-11:50 -used computer in class to take notes and follow PowerPoint presentation. Also used computer to surf the web a little.

2-5- Played on Xbox live with my friends while we talked about break and how school had been going.

6-6:30- Listened to the radio as I drove to the movie theater. Ks 107.5/107.1

7-9:30- Went to a movie with my family and saw “How do you Know” it was a little slow for my liking but since I was with the family It didn’t really matter.

10-10:50- Surfed the web and checked my email, also talked on Facebook.

11-12- Watched Sports Center as I feel asleep.

. 11am-12 am -Throughout the day from beginning too end I was texting. It was just hard to keep a running media diary for this but I was texting a lot also made some phone calls as well.


Sat 1/8/11

12-2- Watched a movie with my girlfriend called “Case 39’ didn’t enjoy the movie at all I’m not really into scary movies not that I’m scared just don’t enjoy them.

2-6- Watched the NFL playoff games.

2-6- Surfed the web worked on my Media Diary checked my email.

7-8.  Talked to people on Facebook also played online games.

11-12- Watched Sports Center as I feel asleep.

. 11am-12 am -Throughout the day from beginning too end I was texting. It was just hard to keep a running media diary for this but I was texting a lot also made some phone calls as well.


Sun 1/9/11

12-6- Watched NFL Pregame show and the NFL playoff games.

7-9 Watched animation domination on Fox which is all the new cartoons such as family guy and the Simpsons.

9-10. Went online to look at new music also got on Facebook.

10-10:30 Finished my Media Diary for the weekend.

10:30-11:15- Skype with my girlfriend

11:15-11:30- watched the rest of Sports Center and went to bed.

11am-12 am -Throughout the day from beginning too end I was texting. It was just hard to keep a running media diary for this but I was texting a lot also made some phone calls as well.


Mon 1/10/11

11-11:50- Took notes on laptop also surfed the net.

12-2- Used laptop to download music and used Facebook

2-3 Texted also made some phone calls

6-7 Watched ESPN college game day

7-9 Took notes on my laptop for astronomy surfed the net and watched updates of the BCS National championship game.

9-10 Watched the BCS National Championship game.

10-11- Played Xbox live and skyped girlfriend .


Overall Reflection

My overall reflection is that I seem to rely a lot on technology and media not only to communicate with others but as a source for entertainment. What I mean by this is that I communicate with people generally through media such as texting, phone calls, skype and more. I feel that we as a society have grown apart from interpersonal communication or face to face communication and we rely a lot on technology and media. Now a days people tend to text or skype loved ones because as a society that’s the direction were heading. I also noticed that when it comes to class work I tend to use my computer to surf the web and look up information but I tend to abuse it and get lost surfing the web, weather I use it to look up new music or get on Facebook. Media has had a huge impact on my everyday life and with all the new technology that is now available to  use I think with out it many would be lost  including myself.


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