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Media Diary

Friday 1/7:

11:30am: Woke up and phone was dead. Left my friends room to go and charge it.

11:30-12:30pm: While my phone was charging I watched two episodes of Skins on my computer.

12:30pm: Texted my friend to see if she wanted to get lunch.

12:30-1:30pm: Texted simultaneously while walking/eating lunch.

2:00pm: Came back to my room and updated my iPod while listening to new songs on a various number of music blogs.


  • got some work done using blackboard and other DU affiliated websites while listening to music from my Itunes.
  • Called an old friend to see how he was doing.

5:00pm: Texted a friend about dinner and used a website online to look up a recipe. Continued to listen to music from my computer.

6:00pm Used my computer to go on facebook, stumbleupon, and check my email.

7:00pm: Received a text from Merrill asking me to go out with her. Texted back to specify a time.

7:45pm: Called Merrill to let her know i was at her dorm.

8-1am: Used my phone to text, get directions, go on facebook, and show other people pictures. Called two friends to see where they were.

Saturday 1/8:

10am: Woke up and couldn’t find my phone. Crawled under my bed to find it and charge it since it was dead. Went back to sleep.

11:30am-1pm: Used my computer to check my email and then watch 4 episodes of skins. Checked the online menu of Mad Greens.

1pm: Called Mad Greens to place a delivery.

1pm-1:45: Cleaned my room while listening to pandora radio from my computer.

2:00pm: Received a phone call from Mad Greens to tell me they were here.

2:32: Recieved a phone call from a solicitor in MN.

3:00- Went to the gym while listening to my ipod.

4:30- Recieved a text from a friend to see what I was doing.

6:00- 7:30- Watched episodes of skins while also talking to some friends on facebook chat.

8:00- Texted craig to see where he was.

8:15- Called Craig to let him know I was at his house.

9:30pm- Noticed phone wasn’t turning on which it tends to do.

9:30-11:30pm- Listened to music on my friends ipod and watched a little TV.

Sunday 1/9

8:30am: Phone alarm went off. I turned it off.

10am: Woke up and made sure all of my alarms were off. Checked my facebook and email.

11am: Watched an episode of skins while eating breakfast.

11:20am: Missed a phone call from a friend. Called him back;no answer.

12:30-2pm- Went to the gym while listening to my ipod.

3pm: Listened to music from itunes and pandora.

4pm-6:30: Went on facebook and chatted with a few friends. Checked my assignments off of blackboard as well as Study Abroad information on webcentral.Used links off of my WRIT class documents section on blackboard to access certain online readings. Watched a literacy narrative for class. Continued to do work while listening to music form my computer.

6:45: Accessed netflix from my computer and watched Brotejrs.

9pm: Finished homework while listening to music.

10pm: Checked the weather online for snow. Talked to friends on facebook while uploading pictures. Wrote my dad an email. Listened to music and created a sleep playlist.


Technology plays an extremely large role in my life whether I realize it or not. It seems that using my computer to talk to friends, listen to music, do research and check assignments have all just become a way of life for me. My phone not only serves as a form of communication, mainly through texting, but it is my map for when I’m lost and my answer when I am unsure (Google). It also allows me to store pictures, know when the next light rail is coming, listen to music, add and subtract, check the ski report and so much more. My phone is very much a part of who I am not because of how much I use it but of what I can use it for. The same can be said about my computer, instead of having to play a separate radio I can play my music on it while talking to friends or typing a paper. I have always known how technology has been important in my life, but I never realized how much I seem to rely on it.



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