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Comcast. a good call?

After researching the top MSO companies i decided to pick the corporal conglomerate, Comcast. I thought this would be an easy thing to write about because i can also relate to myself, being a Comcast subscriber. Having been a costumer for years, i can safely say that i love Comcast, With it’s variety of features, the cable company has taken digitalism by storm. Offering a large collection of movies as well as having the option to record shows, Comcast seems to have it all. But after reading several blogs about the company, the fortune five hundred enterprise seems to be lacking in one area, customer service. There have been several instances where a new Comcast member has obtained new cable. and has received poor customer service. The client claims that the workers are uninformed and are very non-chalant about their jobs. The communication between the customer and the employer seems to be an area that Comcast is lacking in. Many people have said they have removed their membership from Comcast to satellite because of the lack of customer service available for the user. Yes, it might have all the digital perks in the world, but sometime when you come across a problem it would probably be harder to resolve. I must say, i have had no specific concerns with Comcast , but after seeing the reviews, i can clearly see why people do not like this company. It seems to be a consistent problem among customers and is something that Comcast should fix in the future. A little more time dedicated to the public aspect and less of the technological aspect is something i think needs to change within the system of Comcast. A change is not going to happen overnight, but they can start now to make up for lost time.

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  1. tessdoez
    February 19, 2011 at 1:59 am

    Your content is just fine but to receive credit for this post you must fix the multitude of technical errors that exist. Please proofread, edit and email me when you are finished (tessdoez@gmail.com) so that I can give you credit on Blackboard. Some tips: is the conglomerate really “corporal?” “I can relate to myself” does not express what you are trying say. Capitalize “i.” Words don’t need to be capitalized after commas. It’s means “it is,” this is used incorrectly. Nonchalant is one word and needs no hyphenation. This sentence: “Yes, it might have all the digital perks in the world, but sometime when you come across a problem it would probably be harder to resolve” makes little sense and the word “sometime” needs to be plural. There numerous are other errors as well.

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