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Blog 5 chris powers

I first just wanna comment on how well I think all of the groups did on this assignment.  All of the pages were very original and I could tell that each group worked hard on making their pages.  With this said, after reviewing all of the posts by each group, I came to like to Nook group the best.  Right when I opened the page there was a nice big picture of the Nook displaying some of it’s capabilities.  As I continued to scroll down, I was very pleased with how well organized the site was.  All of the headings and subtexts are all clearly labeled….making it easier to navigate the page.  In contrast, the Kindle page was poorly organized…with all of the words running together and no clear heading of what was being talked about.  Also, there were very little if any recommendations for the future given by Kindle.  I really enjoy reading the different groups recommendations and I was kind of put off there were so few in the Kindle page.

Before coming to the Nook page, I knew very little if anything at all about the Nook and it’s capabilities.  I think that this group did a great job outlining the key features of the Nook and the different capabilities the machine can perform.  I was very interested to see that since Barnes and Noble came out with the Nook color, sales have been increasing and even surpassing those of Kindle…I really had no idea!  Also, I really really really liked the recommendations and summary given by the Nook group.  I feel advertising the fact that textbooks can be accessed much easier and taken to class on the Nook is a great selling point.  Putting the Nook directly in college bookstores would greatly increase the likelihood of purchase.

Overall I fell that Nook did a great job outlining the strengths of their product and how they intend to move forward in the future.  Their site was well organized and easy to read, which really helped me find the information I needed quick and painlessly.  Although I do not feel Nook can overtake Kindle in the marketplace, I think this group did a great job presenting their product.


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