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The winners of the Wikis

The three smartphones in competition (the iPhone, Android and Blackberry) all have their own personal styles and followers in the market, so it’s sometimes difficult to compare.  While it’s clear that the iPhone dominates in the market, I believe that there is room for competition.  The Blackberry’s time came and went with the introduction of the iPhone, but the Blackberry will always have its followers (especially in the business world).  However, I think that the Android operating system could take over the market as the leading smartphone.  It has a similar touch screen interface as the iPhone, but there is much more depth to the operating system (Linux) and lots of room for the phone to constantly grow and evolve because it’s open source which means people anywhere can make apps or improvements for the Android phone.  While I think the Android has a persuasive argument, there is definite substance to the argument on the Blackberry Wiki page.  The recommendations for updating the workability of the Blackberry are very important and could be simple fixes that would perhaps give them another boost in the marketplace.  The Blackberry Torch is comparable to many of the other leading smartphones out there, so it looks like the Blackberry company has been working towards those improvements.

In the competition between Kindle vs. Nook, I believe that Nook has the best argument to boost their place in the market.  The touch screen for devices is a very hot feature right now, so I could foresee their sales getting a boost over Kindle, despite Kindle being the top ebook in the market.  The “lending books” and “library book-renting” features of the Nook seems very efficient for people who want to borrow a book from a friend or don’t have access to a real library or don’t want to buy the full Nook books.  It seems that Nook is trying to create more of a book community around the device, more so than Kindle, with its sharing features and wifi and games.  I also think the group suggestions for improvement to Nook are very well thought out and useful, such as the highlighting and note-making features for textbooks and notes.  There is one thing that I am curious about though, that could perhaps make a good improvement.  Is there a way you can get news delivered daily to your Nook or Kindle device, from different news sources?  If there is no such thing like this, would such an application be useful and worth making?  An app that delivers news could perhaps boost the popularity and user interest of both devices.

Between Vimeo and Youtube, I think that the Vimeo wiki page has a stronger argument.  While it is clear that Youtube is the most popular video site, and one of the most popular sites in the world, I’m afraid that its popularity and commercialism could cause the site to get too big to the point where commercials and ads would be and frequent online on Youtube as they are now on the TV.  Also, there is a lot of mainstream things that make it to Youtube (music videos, movies, TV shows, etc), which feels like Youtube sometimes is just filled of reproduced and multi-posted content.  For that reason, I can see Vimeo becoming increasingly popular in the future because there seems to be an increase in general in the internet world of independent production and home-made videos.  Since Vimeo promotes these kinds of videos mostly, I can see the appeal and popularity, especially to the more artistic elite or filmmakers who are trying to collect and distribute a resume or portfolio for job purposes.  I like the idea of Vimeo and hope to see it increase in popularity in the future. 

The Craigslist wiki was not made to be super appealing to the eye, but the content is very good.  I like how they group introduced Craigslist not as an online second-hand buying site, but as a way to connect geographically close communities of people with similar interests.  The suggestions for the company to move forward are interesting, such as the idea of using the site to connect people more, with hobbies, ideas, romance, etc.  I like this idea for the site because it would expand so much more into a whole online Mecca community, or close to Google, like a search engine compiled only of what people in the area choose to put on the site.

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