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Media Research

My final paper will be taking about two stories that focus on the spending cut that the House of Representatives passed this past weekend.

The two news outlets that I will be looking at are truth-out.org and foxnews.com. The headline from truth-out is, “Cecile Richards on Friday’s House Vote Defunding Planned Parenthood:’We Need You Today, Tomorrow, and the Next Day…'”, and the FoxNews headline is, “GOP-Controlled House Passes Spending Cut Bill”.

I plan on using a couple different types of media research for this paper. The research that I do will primarily be under the qualitative umbrella. This is because I will be taking a close look at the two articles through a lens that focuses not on numbers and scientific facts, but more so the text and the implications of how it is written. Taking a look at the framing of the stories will be very significant for my paper in addition in to how the news outlets used their political alignment to frame the articles.

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