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This is a site that is used by students enrolled in the University of Denver course, MFJS 2210: Introduction to Media & Culture, taught by Dr. Lynn Schofield Clark. Students in this class write brief reflection papers on readings and class experiences. They also produce video essays, entries for Wikipedia, and other fun and sometimes challenging things. To view some of the video essays students have produced on the role of media in society, scroll down or select the tag “videss” from the menu on the right. To view the course schedule and details regarding assignments, please see “MFJS 2210 course schedule & assignments” which is on the top of the page.

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Jill’s video essay

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Beauty, Pressure, Media & Culture

November 30, 2011 6 comments
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Li & Di on news in China & the U.S.

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This is the site for the course, Intro to Media & Culture.  Please register for this website if you’re in this class.  Be sure that when you post, you post to the Media & Culture website, NOT to the website that you’ll create as your own blog (e.g., there will be two blogs listed under the “blogs” menu: the one for the class and your personal blog).

Check out the syllabus under “About MFJS 2210!”

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this is the first sentence, and I think Read more…

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Lynn’s media diary

9 – 12 phoned friend; texted SO (signif other); worked on class blog (unsuccessfully)
12 – 5 worked on setting up class blog & blackboard using laptop; emailed students; emailed grad committee
5 – 7 phoned SO; texted friend
7-1 read textbook, made notes on laptop, wrote ppt slides; got onto class blog & wrote comments on entries; used google images to research photos for ppt slides; looked at videos on YouTube for class
Overall reflection: mostly work-related; personal communication secondary; entertainment third. I would guess my uses of comm media are quite different from those of most people. My uses this day are also quite different than my uses were a week ago, however. Then, I was on vacation and doing a lot more interpersonal communicating to make arrangements and also doing more entertainment consumption than working. Even on vacation, the communication technologies enabled me to do work-related tasks like reply to student emails, finish writing articles, and look at possible video resources to show in class. I do not know what I would do without my cell phone or laptop.

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