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Google is a name that pretty much everyone in America knows.  Anyone with a computer has used this site and it is no question why Google is one of the most recognized and powerful name in the world.  Many people use google everyday.  I had absolutely no idea that Facebook was becoming a competitor of Google.   I just never thought of the two sites in the same category.  Google is a search engine and Facebook is a site where we make personal connections with other humans.  Well….thats what it was when it first came out in 2004.


I remember registering for facebook freshman year of high school.  It is absolutely amazing how it has changed and blown up.  Even both my parents sometimes write on my wall or comment on a photo.  There weren’t any adds along the sides of the site and there weren’t multiple pages to go to because the only page that was your was a profile page.  Now we have a home page displaying other people’s activites on facebook.  It astounds me how much the site has blown up in just the past few years.   After realizing this, it is no surprise why Google would be intimidated by the great boom facebook has had all over the world-Kind of like apple products where it seems that every product has an “i” before it these days.  We don’t know where facebook is going to go, but it is definitely going somewhere and its power is a little frightening just because our dependency on the internet is really taking a giant leap.


It was good that the group decided that Facebook will always be the more social and personal relationship oriented site, whereas Google just needs to focus on their web traffic.  Facebook really hasn’t gotten to the point where one will search for some information on a research paper topic.  However…it is just a matter of time.  I think that google will be in trouble in the next few years though the group did a good job explaining how google has done some new things to hold on to it’s infamous name.

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