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Media Diary

Friday: 01/07/11

            10am-12pm: Listened to iTunes, surfed the Web

            12pm-1pm: Writ Essay work on laptop, texted friend

            3pm-4pm: Facebook, iTunes, call from grandma

            4pm-5pm: Internet on phone, texting

            6pm: Googled at dinner w/ friend

            7pm-9pm: Movies with friend

            9pm: Received call from home

Saturday: 01/08/11

            10am: Phone alarm, Email

            11am-1pm: Internet, call friend in Colorado springs, call friend in Denver

            1pm-2pm: Call RTD for schedule

            3pm: GPS on phone

            4pm: Texting

            9pm-11pm: YouTube, various entertainment sites

Sunday: 01/09/11

            12pm: News on internet/ surfing for news & weather, iTunes, Facebook

            3pm: Texting friend, call from home

            4pm: Texting, internet

            5pm-6pm: Texting, Facebook, surfing the web, call from grandma

            8pm-9pm: Internet, Email

Monday: 01/10/11

            12am: Ipod

8am: Phone alarm, texted friend for breakfast

            10am-1pm: Work study (news mentions on computer & compiling media list in word)

            2pm: Googled in class about subject

            4pm: Texted friend to meet up

            5pm: Checked voicemail, received call from friends, call from friend & plans to go out

            6pm: Tech Art exhibit @ art building

            8pm: Write & Print Essay

            9pm-10pm: iTunes, Facebook, texting


            I think I devote about an equal amount of my time to personal interactions like texting and facebook, as well as entertainment like the movies or figuring out the RTD schedule. I think that this weekend I talked on the phone a lot more than usual, I usually don’t call people or answer calls. I have been using my phone a lot more lately, since I got a smart phone over winter break. Before I couldn’t use the internet or GPS whenever I needed it on my phone. Now I feel like I look at the news a lot more, as well as just random things that pop up when I surf the net on my phone. I use programs to listen to music often, and stream video frequently. But I also spend significant amounts of time with actual people. Still, at times with people I text, call, or search on my phone. It’s like a little computer in my pocket. I guess I never really realized how often I am using my technology. Life would definitely be different without it.

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