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Media Diary


All day-texts sent randomly

All day-Made 8 phone calls

9-10am: class-used clicker for quiz and the teacher used a powerpoint for his lecture

10-11: read the NYT

10-2pm: listened to music

2-4pm: caught up on 30 Rock episodes

8pm: surfed the web/facebook


All day-texts sent randomly

All day-made 9 phone calls

11-2pm: listened to music

2-4pm: caught up on e-mails on my computer

6-8pm: watched tv on apple tv


All day-texts sent randomly

All day- made 8 phone calls

11-12noon: read the NYT

12-3pm: meetings for my sorority-used iphone, computer/internet, and TV

6-8pm: listened to vinyl on a record player

10pm-12am: watched a movie on apple tv


All day-texts sent randomly

All day- made 11 phone calls

7-8:30am: watched the Today Show on TV

9-12noon: in class where teachers used whiteboards, computer, and projectors

12-4pm: worked on homework using my computer and textbooks

4-6pm: class with a professor who only used the whiteboard

6:30-8pm: sorority chapter-used TV and computer

9:30-11:30pm: watched a movie on netflix via apple tv



After completing this journal, I have realized that my daily life is consumed with media of all types. In order to do my homework and job as president of my sorority, I have to spend a lot of time on my computer doing e-mails. I also use my phone to call members and to communicate with my executive board and advisors. In my leisure time, I enjoy watching tv, listening to music, reading, and watching movies. I recently purchased Apple TV and I love being able to stream everything from my computer, including my netflix, through my TV. I must admit, this new toy has me watching TV a lot more that I normally do! I also recently purchased a record player and have acquired quite the collection of vinyl. I love listing music on this device, as the acoustics of the old fashioned player and the old fashioned technology of the records creates a unique sound that is so pure. Aside from reading textbooks, I love to read the New York Times. I prefer to read from books and the newspaper, as opposed to the online versions, because I like to feel the book and the paper. Sometimes, however, I do read on my iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, if it’s easier. The advancement of technology is absolutely incredible, and I am so grateful to have so many forms of media to utilize.





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