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Media Theory & Research

For my paper I will be comparing the alternative news source, Feminist International Radio Endeavor (FIRE) to a mainstream new source.  The information from FIRE is presented in a traditional journalism manner but also has radio clips.  The article/radio clips are discussing immigration laws and the harsh treatment imprisoned illegal immigrants receive.  The writer also touches upon the Arizona immigration law.

Between qualitative and quantitative research, I will mainly be using qualitative.  There is no numerical data that I will be comparing but rather facts, interviews, and beliefs.  Since my topic is a slightly controversial topic, I will be comparing FIRE to more than one mainstream news media source.  I think that by doing this it will add more perspectives thus leading to a deeper understanding of the topic.  I also think that it will be adding more to my qualitative approach because I will have more viewpoints to compare.

Framing will also play a role in my paper because it will affect how I interpret the perspectives and how I will incorporate the information into my paper.  Because my alternative news source is feminist based, I think people will have pre-conceived notions and be hesitant about reading and listening to the material.  By offering different perspectives about the issue, it will show that a feminist news source can provide the same information as a mainstream media.  Also it will show that this alternative news source can offer interesting and different insights on current events.


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  1. February 23, 2011 at 1:38 am

    You will be doing qualitative research – good. You’ll be focusing on analyzing just two stories from two different sources, so you’ll be looking for patterns within the stories. You won’t need to do interviews, but I imagine you’ll find evidence of a feminist perspective in FIRE that you won’t find in mainstream – your challenge will be to identify this and make the argument that it’s there by highlighting word choice, experts cited, how the evidence is presented, etc.

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