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For my final research paper, I will be using Media ecology to study media environments and how those environments affect people and society. I am writing my paper on the Whole Earth. In my paper I will be comparing and contrasting the news from Whole Earth compared to news from a “main stream” source. Through media ecology I will examine everything from how the two medias create and environment and how that environment influences our thinking to how specific types of media affect our perceptions because of the medium used.  I hope to analyze the two forms of mass media and the far-reaching consequences for how we understand the world. I look forward to comparing “main stream news” to “alternative news,” in order to better understand the way media effect people and society.

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  1. February 23, 2011 at 1:31 am

    If you’re studying how media affect the way people think about an issue like ecology, then you’re probably doing an effects study, not a media ecology study. A media ecology study would look at how the catalog format of Whole Earth contributed to a new way of thinking of news-as-lifestyle or something like that.

    I’m a little worried about your desire to cover “everything” in this little assignment. This assignment is about framing, not media ecology, and therefore you need to be specific rather than discussing the themes in broad sweeps. You want to look for evidence of how mainstream and alternative news cover the same story in differing ways, so you’ll want to find two versions of one story and then find some examples of how the two versions use different word choices, experts, organization, etc., to demonstrate that their viewpoint is the right one on a particular issue that’s covered in a particular story.

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