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Comcast: The Good With The Bad


Comcast is the largest cable operator in the United States.  It provides     television, phone, and internet services  It distributes service in 39 States and Washington D.C..  The company also owns many cable networks, including The Golf Channel and Versus.  Two weeks ago (January 18, 2011) Comcast acquired NBC Universal after approval from the FCC.

My research on Comcast and it’s public opinion standing yielded what I had suspected: not many people like the main providers of their, TV, Internet, or Home Phone.  These companies have enacted extremely complex coverage plans that are full of hidden fees and charges.  The frustrating results of these plans create a lot of negative reviews on internet review sites, such as My3Cents and RateItAll.  I found that most of the review sites had a rating of approval for Comcast of around 25%.  I think that this number is a little bit high, because most people are more likely to post something on the internet when they are unhappy with something.  However, from reading other blogs, other companies are not faring much better in the public eye.  This research leads me to believe that most service in this field is substandard, and with Comcast being the most widely used company, it has the most negative reviews

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