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In my mind, South High is one of those schools that is one-of-a-kind.  I first learned about South High my freshman year at DU when I had the opportunity to work with the college mentorship program there.  I met one-on-one with a student and helped them with all things relating to college, from just a simple college search to the actual application process.  From my time at South I learned that it was the premier school in the region for international students, and that the number of languages and countries represented reflected that.  Spending time at South High truly made me feel that this was the ideal example of a globalized community.

Watching videos with the South High students was a very cool experience, as not only did we get a younger, high schooler perspective, but also the perspective from a few international students.  One thing I found very interesting was that the idea of media showing different views was universal.  First there was the example of the Chinese government only showing certain views and how that differed from what American media companies showed.  Then there was the example that the student from Africa used, but I can’t remember what he said specifically.  What I remember is that he said that when there was a conflict between two countries, they would each portray it differently.  Sometimes I get closed minded and only pay attention to the various U.S. media outlets, but then there is something like going to South that reminds me that there are a lot of differing views in the world on a whole variety of subjects.

I found the trip to South a very worthwhile experience.  I loved seeing their videos and hearing their reactions to our videos.  The only thing I would consider changing about my video would be to make it more appealable to outside audiences.  I think a lot of the references we made are toward an older, American audience.  If my group’s video had been shown to the South High students I think very few of the references would have been understood.



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  1. November 15, 2011 at 3:35 am

    Great reflection, Nick! I agree that going to South is a reminder of how incredibly diverse our world is, and of how many different perspectives there are on it. I’m sorry we couldn’t show your group’s video but I do hope that it will be shown to others in the DU community – especially if you add some more titling to make the message a little clearer.

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