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The Free Press is a media reform organization established in 2002 by media scholar Robert W. McChesney, that aims toward providing diverse and independent media ownership, quality journalism, and strong public media. The Free Press has several campaigns such as ” Save the Internet”, which aims to pressure the FCC for net neutrality; and the “Save the News” campaign that advocates public policies to promote serious journalism in the United States. In Chapter 3, net neutrality is explained, and it is uncovered that the government protected against monopolies at first by regulating ownership and control of some technologies, however, the federal laws were revised because of the merging of different media forms. Dial-up via telephone modem operated as open-access so that all users and content providers were treated the same; Now, such regulations do not exist for cable, giving cable companies freedom to structure access so that users visiting company-owned sites are able to download material at top speed, while other sites load more slowly or are blocked entirely, thus prompting organizations like Free Press to begin promoting net neutrality: preserving open access to the Internet and a level playing field for all websites, whereby all content would be treated equally. I would like to ask the Free Press director why is it that other countries, such as Japan, have faster internet speeds offered at almost half of the price at what you will pay for half of the speed in the United States?

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  1. Kathleen
    November 15, 2011 at 7:05 am

    Thanks, Paris. I like your question and what the answer could potentially say about media economics in the U.S.

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