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Our media and culture class is primarily made of white, privileged students. South High school, however, is known for its cultural awareness and diversity. After visiting South High, I recognized how important diversity is in the media. I realize now how growing up in a predominantly white and upper-class suburb has blinded me to the diversity of our country.

Before we presented our videos, we were introduced to a few students from South High school that were from other countries. They also had videos prepared for us and I realized that the variety of their backgrounds reflected the variety in topic choices for their videos. This further proved to me how important it is that all viewpoints deserve to be heard. My group’s video focused on the control of the media through big conglomerates. Five major companies have complete control over the media and because of their control; it is their opinions that are portrayed.

Marshall Mcluhan’s idea about the “global village” and the connection that could be made amongst the world if everyone’s voice was heard can be closely related to our experience. The discussion in my group’s video about the five media conglomerates can also be compared to the rest of the world. The only voices heard in the world are those that are within affluent nations or chief media companies. If the world had access to media in a “global village” setting then there would be an influx in the diversity of opinions. This increase would educate the world on issues in a myriad of contexts.

My experience at South High school does not make me want to change my video essay. Although the demographic we were aiming for was different from the students at South High, I still believe our video was captivating for the media students at South High. Even if you had not seen the Old Spice commercials before, seeing a man in a robe by a fire place is still funny! If I could, I would add something about media economics on a global level.

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  1. Kathleen
    November 15, 2011 at 8:44 am

    Thanks, Marian. I like your frank description of the innate difference between South High School students and the typical DU student. Good comments on globalization. Thanks.

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