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The most compelling theory to me discussed in chapters 2&4 is media economics. I had an idea that we were living in a mass media monopoly era, but I had no idea how bad it was. Almost anyone who watches television in the United States knows about Warner Bros., which was the bulk of the Time Warner company at one point in time, however,  Time Warner has now reached the status of multimedia conglomerate with ownership of majority of popular radio, newspapers across the country, the magazine industry with ownership under Time Inc., and popular television networks, movies, and even books. It’s no wonder that we as an audience see the same products advertised in 15 different commercials on 7 different television networks. What’s even scarier is that the Walt Disney Company, another media conglomerate in the U.S. is also becoming a worldwide conglomerate with popular shows produced in the U.S. being shown in over 10 different countries. The United States prides itself on being a place of freedom, where one can express themselves through an array of venues, but to find out that almost everything that is broadcast and produced nation wide is all controlled by the same circle of wealthy men. Even as a child, I wondered why I was seeing characters from my favorite movie or television show on my McDonald’s happy meal box, or why was I able to purchase not only a doll from the popular show or movie, but also a Barbie doll which was themed off of the latter. As an adult, I am more aware, especially after taking this course, of the effects that media economics has on all avenues of media production. It saddens me that I cannot even turn on my car radio on  a road trip traveling through 4 states without hearing the same 10 songs playing in the same rotation; It’s a little disturbing that even the news is controlled by these multimedia tyrants. How can someone living over a thousand miles away possibly know what is going on in my town or city to the point where they have the authority to control what is printed or announced during a live television broadcast? How does that help to inform the people who are living there about what is going on right outside of their own doors? The conclusion that I have come up with from the readings is that it is all about money and power. These corporations have no emotions or feelings at all towards the consumers. All they care about are statistics that show them how to make more money so that they can have more power and more control. It is said that we live in a democracy, but the more that time progresses it is starting to feel as though we live in a communist society where not even the government has input because they are being paid off by all of these giant corporations. I live for the day that my mind is not brainwashed with crap music to the point that I subconsciously begin singing the songs that I hate the most! God bless the creation of mp3 players and auxiliary ports.

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  1. Kathleen
    November 15, 2011 at 6:35 am

    Thanks, Paris. It sounds like this theory has really helped you to connect things you have already observed to some larger concepts and issues occurring right now with the media.

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