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Wikileaks Blog Post Andrew Neely

I remember when the “Diplomatic Cables Release” occurred in November of this year. A teacher at my high school was a recent veteran and I remember he was very upset and said that it was putting innocent lives in danger and that the culprit deserved severe punishment. I had heard about wikileaks before this occasion but this was when I really took the time to look into what it was and if my teacher’s claims were founded. From what I can tell, the event was simply uncovering a lot of confidential embassy documents. It seems like the event made a lot of diplomats unhappy but I don’t think that it really put anyone’s life in danger unless someone reacted to the information in a very extreme manner.

The more I learn about wikileaks, the more I think it is an essential part of the information age and the more I think that it is the most powerful example of the internet being used as a tool for liberty. I think that by creating an element of transparency in the government, the public will be informed of certain elements of society which would not be available otherwise. I also think that the government just might be more honest and less corrupt when they know that anything they say or do might be released to the public at some point.

Maybe I am not understanding an important element of wikileaks functions but to me it seems to be more of a gift to the American Public than a threat to american security. With that said I understand that it is only natural that the government and those in power would try to crush this power because it threatens their power.

Overall I think there are many misconceptions about Wikileaks and the way that they make private documents available is a natural step in democracy’s progression.

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  1. Kathleen
    November 14, 2011 at 4:01 pm

    Thanks, Andrew. This is a good post on Wikileaks, but I’m not sure which blog prompt you’re responding to. The only one you’re missing is the last blog:

    Which of the stories in this book is most compelling to you and why? What question would you like to ask Eesha Williams about his analysis that could help you clarify your own approach to the problems with media today? (remember to think in terms of questions of “how” or “why”)

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