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While reading the Good News text, I definitely felt compelled after reading the article about Wal-Mart. I had always heard that Wal-Mart had cheap ways of earning extra income, but I never realized the extent and mass quantities of people that were affected by this giant corporation’s corruption. The primary subject of the story was an example of a time that the media helped influence individuals on the protest of building a new Wal-Mart in St. Petersburg, Florida. Wal-Mart is a cheap, accessible department store where people can literally shop for everything that they need. Whether it is groceries, school supplies, clothing, pharmacy items, new tires, or a movie, Wal-Mart has it all. Not only does Wal-Mart have such a variety, but it has low prices; this attracts millions of individuals.

But are cheap prices, easy access, and a large variety truly worth all of the corruption within the company? It is troubling that large companies with vast quantities of power in their hands believe that they are entitled to getting their way. While the CEO of the company was earning a hefty multi-million dollar salary, the workers in China were getting paid 40 cents an hour to create the products that brought a fortune to these Wal-Mart “superstars”. Not only did Wal-Mart find ways to attain the cheapest labor possible, but they also underpaid their employees. Wal-Mart employees were being exploited, and paid less that the minimum wage. Salaries of Wal-Mart employees were so low that they qualified for government aid, meal-plan stamps, etc. How is it possible for the largest company in the world with such tremendous wealth to have so much poverty within its employees? Corruption. People in such high positions become obsessed with making as much money in the easiest ways possible, even if lying and cheating their way through is the only way to reach those goals. Truly, it was sad to read that there were various issues for the employees of such a well-known corporation.

Not only were there salary issues with the workforce, but Wal-Mart was also violating environmental acts. Such mass “supercenters” were damaging natural habitats for animals, and harming the planet immensely. On multiple occasions, the Clean Water Act was violated by Wal-Mart. Additionally, many natural landscapes were permanently ruined by the construction of Wal-Marts.

Furthermore, it is evident that corruption lies deeply in the running of the corporation. Luckily, thanks to the media and the voices of opinionated individuals, these issues were brought to light. Radio broadcasts and other newspapers were able to help individuals form an opinion on the subject.  Thankfully, these media outlets were able to help individuals take action and the construction of the Wal-Mart was prohibited.

My question to Eesha Williams is : What drove each company to speak about a certain aspect on the issue? For example, the WMNF radio spoke about environmental concerns whereas the St. Petersburg Times took a different approach and covered different areas on the issue. What influences a company to talk about certain aspects rather than others, how do they deem certain information more important?

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  1. Kathleen
    November 14, 2011 at 4:29 pm

    This is a good post, Nicole, very thorough. Nice question to Eesha too. Thanks!

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