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I found the chapter on the janitors’ unions to be especially interesting. The large corporations were more interested in paying nothing for a lot of hard work rather than taking care of the people that provided a service that few others would dare to offer. There was definitely a feeling of racism during the march that the Latino janitors led in L.A. when they were beaten and gassed. There was no violent behavior, yet they were treated as if they were there to massacre the neighborhood.

The reason this particular case interested me most is the fact that union reform is necessary in many other areas. In particular, the musicians’ union is an area that needs to be addressed as well.

My question is, when beginning to think about how to reform a union or get better conditions and compensation for workers, where is a good place to start? A protest might now always be the most effective way. How does one need to think in order to achieve the desired (or at least as close as possible to the desired) outcome?

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  1. Kathleen
    November 14, 2011 at 3:50 pm

    Kendra, what do you mean when you say the musician’s union is one that needs reform as well? This is a decent post, but you could have been a lot clearer with your thoughts and ideas by expanding upon them.

  2. Kendra S.
    November 17, 2011 at 5:30 am

    I suppose what I meant by musicians’ unions needing reform as well was more of a personal take away that I had form this reading. As a musician myself, I see the orchestral world starting to crumble before this next generation of musicians has a chance to step out into the world that we’ve been tirelessly training to become a part of. Orchestras are forcing their players to move into part time and paying the musicians less and less for countless hours of practice and rehearsal. The Philadelphia Orchestra, one of the greatest orchestras in our country, is going bankrupt and many players are now out of work. Even here in Colorado, the CSO has restricted the players to only be allowed to rehearse enough hours to get by on performances. All of this has been done in the name of budgets. However, the musicians’ unions need to come up with some sort of plan or strategy to help these players. Many of these musicians have families to support, and each day it is getting harder and harder for them to do so.

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