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Something I think that has been evolving in America’s Society over the past 10 years in the medias view and overall knowledge of stereotypes and biases in families in the US. The three main talked about views would be the classic white family with 2-3 kids, the older wealthy man married to a “smart” attractive foreign women, and now is the 21st century the gay couple that has a adopted a chinese baby. These seem like a family everyone might know. If you haven’t caught on now I am talking about one of America’s number 1 rated tv shows, “Modern Family”. Throughout the show from the beginning of the series to the end you realize that the show is obviously very comedic and entertaining but tries to pull in reality from the “real” world to make the show have some substance and character. Analyzing this show you realize there are a lot of spoken stereotypes and hidden signs that really make the show stand out in how the world perceives certain ideas and people and how it lacks reality.

The past 10 years there has been a lot of media coverage on a few things in particular. One of them being immigration and the other being gay rights federally and in many states. This show covers those main topics. You have an older wealthy white business man, (symbolizing the American dream) married to an attractive foreign women that doesn’t speak much english but has great intensions in her beliefs. Then you have a extremely dramatic, emotional, flamboyant gay couple, (a stereotype of every gay person in America), that adopts an asian baby and wants to live their life’s the best way possible. All at the same time they are best friends with the older wealthy man and the “plain” white couple. They don’t show jobs, work, or any other form of the practicality of working, they just show the fun things. This relates to the real world because the media is trying to portray this life that everyone can get along and people are changing with the times but in reality this isn’t how the real world works.

I am showing a short clip from a part of one episode when the gay couple adopts their asian baby. The entire clip his hilarious and try to make you believe that this is how every gay couple feels. They are over emotional, witty, and dramatic. Everyone around them is supporting and excited. As you will watch you hear the old man admit to his faults as a father ( a stereotype of his generation), the plain white dad being semi racist about the asian girls name, and other things like calling their gay friend her uncle. These subtle inclinations of each persons character reflects where we are as a society. I think the true point of this TV show is to be entertained but also to realize that our society truly hasn’t evolved that much as we like to express in the media and this TV show represents our faults. A concept that is content throughout the series is that things always work out, obviously in the real world- they don’t.

Enjoy the clip!

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  1. Kathleen
    November 14, 2011 at 1:53 pm

    Marc, I think you bring up some interesting insights in this post, particularly how a sometimes categorized as counter-cultural relationship can still be represented in a stereotypical way and with an agenda. Please include a quote from the book to support or enhance your post in some way to receive full credit for this assignment.

  2. November 17, 2011 at 6:07 pm

    Pg. 155

    “Different actors try to use media to communicate their interpretation of the world to a broader audience. But there is no guarantee that audiences will understand or interpret the meaning of this content in any uniform way”

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