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In the year 2011, information is widely available through a multitude of mediums such as newspaper, internet, radio, and television. Since I am technologically savvy, I choose the internet, but to me, using the internet to get my news is the most efficient way to me. I say this because I can receive radio broadcasts, as well as television coverage. Even around election season, I stil utilize the internet more than the other mediums because that is what the candidates are also doing. Barack Obama utilized Facebook, Twitter, as well as other social networks to get his message out more efficiently and to a crowd who was potentially new to elections. Since we have so many outlets for media, there is more of a chance that more people get news. After reading Eesha William’s perspective on nuclear energy and the way the media handled it, I forgot that the internet was not even thought of back when President Carter was in office. The media back then pretty much stood by the fact that there were no other alternative forms of energy such as wind and solar power. The media made it out to be that nuclear energy was the future of energy. Honestly, I blame the government for the way the media portrayed nuclear energy because they had just found out that Russia also had nuclear technology. Since America never wants to be second place in anything, they made sure that was the message being sent to the public. I feel that if the internet were around back then like it is now, people would be much quicker in calling out the government because the word of the people would get out quicker with our social networks and search engines. I’m very grateful to live in the time I do now, where information is quickly accessible, as well as enjoyable to use. I am also grateful because I can have a voice, with many other people and have a chance to have an impact on something that affects my future.

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