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Neely Globalization

Globalization is a powerful force in international economics and politics. While showing my video at South High School, I wondered if people from all different cultures would be able to appreciate the content of my video. My video was about music websites, which I thought were almost exclusively American and European but I was surprised and pleased when a girl from the high school said that my video was her favorite. I did not realize before our trip to South and before reading this chapter that American exported movies are popular all over the world. This is probably comparable to American music websites like Pitchfork in the sense that the internet connects the whole world and people in any country can and probably do view the same content that I view every day in America.

Globalization has been described as a “flattening of the world”. I think that the internet is a huge contributor to that. I think South High School is a perfect example of a classic “mixing pot”. It is a physical place where people from all different cultures comes together and share ideas with one another. I think that the internet has now become a “cyber mixing pot”. It is still an area where people of different cultures can connect with one another but the difference is that they don’t need to occupy the same physical space.

In conclusion, my video was more relatable to different cultures than I thought it would be and this is a testament to how much American culture is exported around the world  and contributes greatly to Globalization.

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  1. Kathleen
    November 14, 2011 at 3:59 pm

    Andrew, good post and a nice tie in to your video.

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