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Last blog: Wal-Mart

Reading the story about Wal-Mart disgusted me. While there were many issue right off the bat such as how rapidly they grew and their means of maximizing profit the first thing that really caught my attention was the difference between the Chinese factory worker and the CEO of Wal-Mart. How can someone in good conscience accept a salary of $32 million when the people who are making the products that person’s company sells only gets paid 40 cents and hour? As I turned the page it only grew worse.

While I knew about some of these issues, although not in great detail, this was the first time I had heard about the sexism occurring at Wal-Mart. Not only does it appear they discriminate against having female managers, but they also expected women to work there as extra means of support with another main source of income through a spouse.

When I reached the part about the news coverage of those standing up to Wal-Mart I was relieved to find that someone was doing something about this. It really shows how much impact something small can have even when they are standing up to the biggest corporation. My concern was however, that not all the local media was covering this issue and I don’t understand why not? Why wouldn’t a media source want to cover not only such a big issue but also an important local issue?


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  1. Kathleen
    November 14, 2011 at 3:19 pm

    Thanks, Emily. It sounds like your questions could relate to the issues of media ownership and censorship we’ve been discussing this quarter. Good post.

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