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The most interesting thing i thought and i have seen other research and read a lot of information on was Walmart. I thought the story brought a lot of light and interesting facts and statistics about the companies. I had actually heard of the story in Florida and saw the special on TV. I thought it was very brave and smart in this case what everyone did and how everyone stuck together. However I took the other approach. Yes, I and millions of other Americans hate Walmart and will never go in there and millions of them will. That is completely fine. But from a business perspective I cant help but applaud and be in awe of what they have done. Alice Walton is currently the third wealthiest woman in the world, estimated worth is over 22 billions dollars. That is awesome for her and she is doing a lot of great things with her money. From were they have started to everything were they are going is completely mind boggling. I completely agree that some of their practices with their employees aren’t right and many other grey and unethical issues. But lets be honest, thousands of company’s do it, Walmart just get in the spotlight because they are so big. Not saying it is right, but I am a firm believer in the pot not calling the kettle black. I think it is absurd that these CEO’s are making in the 30+ million dollars a year. I love money and I love making money but  think it gets to be a little ridiculous at some point. I agree that knocking out small family run business is bad and doesn’t help lots of people, but at the same time a Walmart opens up potentially hundreds of jobs if not more instead of a mom and pop store. I think it is a really complex and interesting issue. I don’t believe that we should want to limit someones company though. I think it is one of americas “promises” that anyone from anywhere can make it big and if we tell them that but at the same time protest there accomplishments of becoming the best that seems a little hazy to me.


My question: With globalization and current trends of the market, mom and pop stores are slowly coming to a dead end and corporations ( Facebook, Google, ect) are taking over the market. Do you think that is necessarily a bad thing or just going with evolution of the market place?

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  1. Kathleen
    November 14, 2011 at 2:00 pm

    Nice post, Marc, and good participation in class on Thursday. I think you bring up some good points re: the examination of the counter-argument to this debate. Do you think that kind of wealth disparity is a good thing, bad thing, or just an unavoidable consequence of how business works? Last blog, congrats!

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