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Sorry about the late post, I thought this blog was due thursday.


Our trip to South High School to exchange our various video projects is a representational example of globalization, in which unique cultures from around the world are spread and shared with one another. This is largely allowed in part by our advances in technology that allow us to reach all around the world and connect with any and everyone in very little time. South High School in itself is a large culmination of cultures as it brings together ethnicities from all over the world. By sharing all of these cultures together and then further spreading it to us at DU, our experiences there are a model example of globalization.

Regarding the reading chapter, one can easily apply the concepts of the global village, cultural imperialism, local cultures, etc to this experience at South High. Because of our ability to connect with these children, we are creating an environment where the cultures of the world are able to commune very quickly with one another, which supports the global village theory. However, as has been shown in that you can find American cultural influence just about anywhere on the globe, there is a clear indication that the sheer mass and momentum of larger cultures can create a hierarchy of cultural spreading, engulfing whole smaller cultures and conforming them to the larger one. South High is but one of many gateways in which this cultural imperialism can spread back to the countries from which they originate and influence the existing culture to be more like that of Americas. This does present a potential problem as the threat of smaller, local cultures being eliminated is a serious threat to global diversity.

This doesn’t sway me to change my video essay however, because it deals with media ecology, which is how society as a whole behaves in the high media content environment, as well as the relationship between the two. Media ecology simply observes and reports the state of how things are, so however the influence of the above shapes our society, or the world’s society, that is the current media ecology.

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  1. Kathleen
    November 14, 2011 at 4:10 pm

    Good post, Basil. I really like how you framed your experience at South through the lens of a globalization experience. Nice job!

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