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Globalization at South

Spending the day at South high school was not only what seemed like a blast from the past in going back to high school, but it gave me the chance to look at an entirely foreign setting.  It was amazing to walk into a brand new place, but we all shared something, we all had gone to high school at some point in our lives.  While we were from different backgrounds and of many different races, we all shared in one common area, we were all exposed to media.  Whether it be the announcements we watched in class, which were very well done, texting in class, or getting on face book, we were all connected.  It was great to get to see how different students responded to different videos, and we were able to see the work they had done and how it was similar to ours.  This may bring up the idea of cultural imperialism, or the domination of one cultural over another.  Just because we are older college students, doesn’t mean that we were superior to the students we met.  The videos they had done rivaled most of ours as far as content and quality.  While they may have been on separate issues, what they brought to the table was quality work on an array of subjects in a well-done video.  Our class did a great job with videos and I hope we gave the students some great ideas, but from what I saw, as far as the lab and teacher dedication, those students have the resources to do anything they desire.  As far as changing my video, I don’t know if I would change much, just because it was such a unique topic.  If anything I would maybe mention how children, say those in high school could use their smart phones to make life, and school easier on them.  How they use their phones to be creative everyday.

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  1. Kathleen
    November 14, 2011 at 2:28 pm

    Thanks, Tanner! Their videos were pretty impressive, weren’t they?

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