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One thing that really sticks out to me from the South High trip was the difference in the media between the western culture and other cultures.  Yi and Di showed their video on the different ways that the media portrays Tibet and China.  In America, we are shown that China is trying to dominate Tibet.  In China, they see that Tibet has always been a part of China and that Tibet is trying to create conflict out of nothing.  One of the South High students made a comment about how there is a similar thing happening in Somalia and Kenya.  In America, we are told that Kenya has troops in Somalia because they are trying to locate al-Shabab.  In Somalia, they are told that Kenya is trying to invade Somalia and start a sort of war.  This shows that propaganda still exists in today’s media.

I remember reading an article over the summer about how American blockbuster films always do better overseas; that’s where they get the majority of their revenue from.  I never knew that American films and TV shows dominated that much of the European media.  I know, for instance, that the TV show Glee is a huge hit overseas, especially in the UK.  Over the summer the UK audiences were much more enthusiastic about the Glee tour.  The cast said that when they went to the UK the fans were much more excited and fanatic than the US fans.

There aren’t too many foreign TV channels on American TV; the only ones that come to mind are the BBC and Telemundo.  It’s kind of insane and unfair that American corporations have so much power over the media.  It doesn’t give other countries the chance to share their culture.  Personally, I love the BBC.  Their programs like Doctor Who and their Pride and Prejudice series are amazing and American networks don’t have any shows like that.  I really believe that other cultures should have the opportunity to make their mark on the world and have a chance to influence us as much as we influence them.  I wouldn’t want to change my video essay.  It would be nice to make another one that focuses on this topic, but I think that our essay focused on an important subject that people don’t think too much about.

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  1. Kathleen
    November 14, 2011 at 2:09 pm

    Thanks, Olivia! I think Li and Di’s video ended up resonating with a lot of people. It’s interesting to think about the points you raise re: lack of international shows in American pop culture, especially in considering the comments we had from our guest speaker Danny Smith on that very topic. Great post!

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