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Globalization? – Americanization?

We see the process of globalization often as a positive force which gives us the power to cross cultural gaps, unify widely different societies, bring people closer together and integrating them into a “global village”. Thanks to the spread of electronic and digital technologies, physical distance is no longer a barrier and instant mass communications around the world becomes possible.

Seeing all the benefits and advantages of a globalized media makes it easy to forget the fact that a majority of all media is owned by a very small percentage of wealthy corporations in the wealthiest countries imposing their media content, their ideas, images, values and ultimately their culture on the rest of the world.  Local media, let alone individuals do not have the same voice as these global media corporations.

A big part of the world’s population does not even have the chance of making their voices heard or hearing other people’s voices as they are excluded from accessing the internet or other information and communication technologies resulting in isolation from globally distributed media content and information.

While the world’s richest countries have long been using such new media, most of the people in the world are just now seeing television for the first time. Even though there is an apparent global imbalance in the flow of media content and information, a global divide, we still talk about globalization, a wishful thinking of a “global village”, when maybe we should rather talk about an “Americanization” of the media all over the world.

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  1. Kathleen
    November 14, 2011 at 2:35 pm

    Great comments here, Rebecca. Your thoughts on Americanization v. globalization led to some interesting class discussion the other day. Well done.

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