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After visiting South High, the need for diversity in the media world has become more apparent to me.  Our video focused specifically how when media conglomerates control so much of the media the result is a biased, censored view of many events that occur in the world.

When visiting south high, it is very apparent the amount of diversity that occurs in our country.  With students from dozens of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, there are bound to be many different viewpoints on political and social issues.  These viewpoints deserve to have a platform to be expressed and understood, which is very hard when the media industry is controlled by only five major companies.  Since these companies have vertically integrated, their views on prominent issues trickle down into the homes of many people, including diverse populations such as ones represented at south high.

If students such as the ones interested in media at south high could gain access to the media in a setting where the media acted as the global village scenario, than many more unique and diverse viewpoints would be accessible in homes. This access would help our society understand issues in many different cultural contexts.  Our society does follow a pattern of cultural imperialism, in which the culture of the people who control the media is the one that is represented the most on television.  Most shows that are popular on television are about white upper middle class families, it is infrequent that the main focus of a show is an unbiased representation of a minority group.

After visiting south high the realization that so many different lifestyles are completely unrepresented in the media was evident.  This is another impact of media economics, because these unique and different lifestyles have essentially been censored from mainstream programming.  I would add information about the ethnic effects of media economics to my video essay in order to give another example of censorship in the media.

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  1. Kathleen
    November 14, 2011 at 2:39 pm

    Nice post, Anne Marie! You make some good comments here about media ownership and its effects on censorship, and especially its implications on a more global scale. Great insights!

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