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Blog #4

Our trip to South High School really helped me realize the level of globalization in local community. South High is known for being one of the best high schools for foreign students trying to acclimate to the American way. After watching some of the student’s videos and talking to a couple of them, I got a real world glimpse at the new generation of media users. These kids grew up with social networking and the internet despite coming from far fledged parts of the world. For example, the young man that talked about how the reasons for the Ethiopian-Kenyan conflict very greatly between the media in either country. He talked about how in the Ethiopian media they said they were invading Kenya for political reason when in Kenya the media was saying that the invasion was retaliation for a passed war. Similarly, Di and Li talked about how the Tibetan conflict with China was portrayed as if Tibet had always been a part of China’s domain. This experience helped immensely in understanding some of the varying cultures here in our own community with a large number of the population being from foreign lands. Both experience helped me realize how media is in effect a commodity in other countries around the world. For instance there are some people that believe Facebook played a large part in the social revolutions currently going on. The exchange of culture also helped bring to light the types of regulation going on in foreign lands where the media still serves as the true voice of the people, but also can be used as a controlling device. Here in this country we feel like we have lost control of our media to corporations, but things could be much worse. Our government could use our media to influence our political system and blatantly lie to the general public’s face.

Overall I feel like our video was pretty catchy, but the Old Spice parody is all everyone remembers about the video. From the little feedback that we received it is apparent that the message of our video may have been somewhat lost in the rain shadow that is the Old Spice routine. In the end I feel that we should have made the focus of the video on the message itself rather than the comedic relief of the parody. Other than that I feel that our video was fairly effective to the general viewer.

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  1. November 8, 2011 at 10:40 am

    Interesting reflection, Sam. We definitely got some glimpses into how differing countries regulate their media and control the news that’s received. In terms of your group’s video, I was wondering if the South students were familiar with the Old Spice ad, as it occurred to me when we were watching it there that they weren’t the demographic it was targeting. I didn’t get a chance to ask them. What were your impressions of this?

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