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Media Ecology and Environmentalism

I would like to focus on Media Ecology in my video essay. Media Ecology explores the relationship between humans, and considers the different ways that humans interact with each other and with the media. I want to explore how technological determinism is playing a role in the environmental movement, both in terms of how information is being conveyed to the public and whether or not this process is beneficial or negative to society. I want to look at how the media is affecting our understanding of environmentalism, and whether or not it is increasing awareness of issues or de-sensitizing us due to over-exposure. I’ll explore how the environmental movement would be different without technology, and also think about the ways that the media has gotten people interested in this issue. Social media may also be interesting to consider; it tends to play a very large role in activist causes.

I think Media Ecology is a good theory to focus on when considering media’s role in the environmental movement because environmental issues deal heavily with how society is changing and being affected by its surroundings. Media ecology focuses on how people and technology interact to produce change in the world, and also explores how media is changing how society thinks or behaves. The environmental movement relies completely on society’s perception and understanding of climate change and anthropogenic effects in nature, and therefore, a theory focusing on how people and media interact to produce a greater outcome seems like the best approach.

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