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The 4 Media Theories

Of the media theories outlined in our most recent reading assignments, I believe the most compelling one to me is the Media Ecology theory. My reasoning for this is due to the nature of media ecology. It deals with the various ways that media affects our societies as a whole. This kind of influence has the overbearing capacity to affect all of the other facets of society and media that the other theories deal with. For example, our media ecology includes frequent TV watching and a heavy reliance on Google and Facebook, as they’re things large majorities of our society use on a regular basis. This habitual behavior, especially in a social light, controls the spread of information as well as what trends emerge from it. With information spreading in ways like this, the ways in which the population processes this information leads to the other 3 facets (media economics, active audiences and media effects). Expressing fandom, dislike or any sort of reaction/creation towards the media presented is the active audience sect, how it is mediated and commercialized is media economics and the psychological/sociological results of the spread and influence on this media is media effects. This all begins with the environment in which all of the above happens, which to me makes media ecology the most important of the media theories. In a setting where everyone owns and watches TV, the influences and changes as a result of this societal norm are bound to be very high, whereas in a setting where TV did not play such a central role in many of our lives, our sources of influence and trends would originate from elsewhere. This is the proof of the potent ability that the media ecology theory deals with and is thus the most compelling of the 4 media theories to me.

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  1. Kathleen
    October 22, 2011 at 5:10 pm

    Thanks, Basil. Your writing was a little muddled, but then the concepts of media ecology can be difficult to articulate. Just something to watch out for in the future. Good job!

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