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Media Theories

Personally, the media theory that appeals the most to me would definitely have to be media effects.  It has to be media effects because media affects everyone in this country at some level or another. Whether it is through affecting people politically or affecting and influencing people into what trends they are in. The reason I chose media effects over media ecology is because you are first effected by the media before you are surrounded by the environment, which is the main premise behind media ecology. Another theory that is dependent on media effects is the active audience theory. In order for people to react one way or another to the media that they are exposed to has to deal with the way they are affected by the media, hence media effects. Looking back on the first half of our class, I think I have been most compelled by media effects because media affects my life every day. Every day, I make sure I go to the same websites, and watch the same media that clearly has had a positive effect on me. The way the media has affected me translates into the active audience that I am a part of, which then leads to the media ecology that I am exposed to which then leads me to lend a helping hand to the media economy. What I am trying to say is, media effects has the biggest impact because it is the first and foremost theory that should be applied in this situation. Media effects has made another impact on my life based on the fact that when I played basketball, I was affected by Michael Jordan and his relationship with the media, and how they always featured highlights of him. Whenever I saw him play, I would immediately go outside in my driveway and try to make plays just like him. He had a major effect on my basketball career. Only after that was I consumed with the ecology of being a basketball player, and the economics that went into it. According to the text, there was a rise in mass media, specifically television, and the messages that were portrayed were very free to interpret which meant that any citizen could be affected by the media anyway they wanted to be. Even though this was a problem in Nazi Germany with propaganda laced media, it has turned to everyone having their own opinions on any topic even if we are a media saturated populous.

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  1. Kathleen
    October 22, 2011 at 6:27 pm

    Thanks, Ryan! You brought up a lot of interesting points that I think would be excellent to expand upon in your video essay. I’ll be interested to see what you come up with!

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