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Clearly, the media plays a major role when it comes to influencing our society. Growing up in a large family I have seen how certain commercials have affected my siblings. Watching my younger siblings act like the people they see on the television is what has made me so interested in media effects. The media has been affecting our society for years. One model of media has been around as early as the World Wars. They hypodermic or “silver bullet” model was very efficient because it allowed the media to inject “a message directly into the bloodstream of the public.”(231). Unlike the other techniques, this one uses coercion, making the public agree with the messages they see and hear.

Media Economics is the influence of a few media companies on everything the public hears and sees. It embodies financial, speculative, as well as realistic questions specific to media of all types. Economic policies and practices of media companies are particularly concerning to media economics. In particular, “one of the clearest trends in media ownership is its increasing concentration in fewer and fewer hands.” (32). It’s troubling to me that what we watch on the television, hear on the radio, and read in the news is entirely controlled by five large corporations: Time Warner, Walt Disney Company, Viacom, News Corporation, and Bertelsmann AG. Media economics is important to understand because in an attempt to make a profit, large corporations have a great effect on our society.

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  1. Kathleen
    October 22, 2011 at 6:00 pm

    Thanks, Marian. Great observations regarding media economics and the application of media effects to your personal life.

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