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Zach Stroup Blog #3

Free Press is an organization that is trying to better the media so the people of the United States get a clearer version of what is going on in the world. Right now media is influencing our values and beliefs in a negative way and Free Press is trying to change that. They launched in 2002 and ever since have been a non-profit growing company created by Robert W. McChesney and Josh Silver. Currently Free Press is the largest media reform organization in the United States with nearly 40 workers and a couple hundred thousand members and activists.

The issue that Free Press is trying to take care of that influenced me was cable television. As 90% of America knows cable television is expensive. Free Press is trying to cut the cost of cable so that consumers do not have to pay so much for a device nearly everybody uses. My question that I plan on asking the director of Free press about is “How are they going to compete with such dominant cable companies like DirecTV, Comcast etc.” If consumers are already buying cable then why would the major companies drop the price? I do not exactly understand their take on it, but I look forward to figuring out how.

After reading about Free Press and all that they do I am onboard in the sense that I hope their goals come true. It is unbelievable how media can sway peoples view on everything going on in the world and it needs to change. I hope the best for them and I look forward to learning more about their company at their performance tomorrow.

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  1. Kathleen
    October 16, 2011 at 6:53 pm

    Zach, what do you mean when you say the goal of Free Press is to get people in the United States a clearer version of what is going on in the world? Also, be sure to tie in something from the reading to your post. You can either re-write the blog or submit a comment expanding on your thoughts here. Thanks!

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