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Where’s the Truth

When you go to one of the two pages that Free Press uses, it is almost instantly clear what it is they do.  Right on the home page of Save the News, there are 3 main headlines that read “Strengthen Journalism, Expand the Public Media, and Fight Media Consolidation.”  The further you look into the web site the more information you can find about their mission, which ultimately is to expose a wider range of people to unfiltered, quality news.  When using the term unfiltered, I mean that the CEO of a company, or some high up in the company hasn’t washed down, distorted, or even altered the story to improve ratings.  The news that Free Press puts out is real, its relevant, and it is free.  One of the most important issues facing our media today is that the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has changed laws that effect the type of media we receive, and who it comes from.  The “who,” is especially important when talking about our current media situation.  Throughout chapter three in the book “Media/Society,” they elude to the bill passed in 1996 that changed ownership of studios, newspapers, radios, and television stations.  What this bill did was take limits off of the amount of television stations a company can own in one area, along with radio stations and other forms of media.  So, what we begin to see are giant corporations like Viacom, and Time Warner buying up numerous smaller companies and forming huge conglomerates.  This is what we have been seeing in class as the five or six companies that control all media.  So Free Press has set out on a mission to continue to allow those who live in areas where there is none or very little media, or those who no longer have access to truly real reporting, a chance to here the news, truthfully.  A question I would like to as the Free Press director is “How is it in a world of corruption, and when people bend the truth, have you been able to continue to report honest news, without cost, to a large groups of people?”

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  1. Kathleen
    October 16, 2011 at 6:45 pm

    Nice post, Tanner! And that is a great question- how is Free Press able to do what they do? Also, would their model be feasible on the wider scale they are suggesting (i.e. all media to focus on free, unbiased information)? Interesting!

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