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Rewrite of Blog #1 Cathy Davidson

My favorite class in high school was anatomy. I loved learning about the body and how we function as human beings in a physiological way. It really got me to think about myself in a way that I had never before.  I learned how our bodies function as organ systems, organs, tissues, cells and much more. This particular class was very hands on which also helped my learning process. We did a ton of labs that reinforced what we were learning about in class.  People learn by using all their senses (sight, taste, smell, touch and hearing).  Most students retain information better when they read, take notes, listen to lectures, do projects & presentations, or labs (like in anatomy).  With the numerous varieties of technology available, students can access information in a variety of ways to supplement the information provided in the traditional learning environment. For example, there is much more out there than just the text book, lecture, and lab.  Videos available on YouTube, information on sites like Wikipedia, etc. can be used to provided clarification and enhance the learning experience. Also, there are places that students can visit for more “hands-on” experiences like science museums.

The dissections were very interesting because we got to see what the inside of a cow’s eye looked like as well as the inside of pig. When you actually get to see this first hand it is much different than pictures in a book and really helps to understand what you are learning. I now know more about the location and function of many body parts. This class presented a new way of learning. As the chapter said,”Part of our failure rate in contemporary education can be blamed on the one-size-fits-all model of standard that evolved over the course of the twentieth century…increasing number of students learn in ways that are not measured by those numbers.”(77) This can apply to my situation because after doing the hands on labs I was well versed in those particular areas. I also used the internet as a source to help me on assignments.  My learning experienced helped me to develop my critical thinking ability because I found new ways to learn. Doing things hands on, helps me to think critically and relate what I am doing to what I have learned in class, read about, or found on the internet.

At the begging of ch. 2 it talks about the teacher using conventional methods for testing. “These students loved the class but were perplexed that my assessment method had been so twentieth-century. Midterm. Final. Research paper. Graded A,B,C,D.”(pg.106) this relates to my anatomy class because the grading was very conventional. However, Davidson refers to this conventional method of grading as being negative, when I don’t agree with that in some cases. For example, in anatomy the answer is either right or wrong. Conventional grading methods should be used in this case to test for knowledge, because what if those students went on to become doctors. Then they would need to know the exact answers. Seldom will there be a debatable answer unless it has do with a more abstract part of these subjects…ie: Psychology is a science that studies the brain functions, but can sometimes be subjective with respect to the answer because so many functions of the brain are not really known.  An example of this would be old age memory loss, like dementia.  Doctors don’t really know why some older people develop this disease, and there is no known cure, so this would be a more subjective area where traditional grading methods would not apply. However, for the majority of math and science class, the answer is either correct or incorrect. I don’t want a heart surgeon operating on me unless he or she knows for certain what they are cutting open. Other subjects like English or Politics are very subjective and have a variety of viewpoints.  Correct and incorrect answers are more open to debate in these subjects if the student can substantiate and support their point of view.

Technology did play a role, because I was able to use the internet as a source to find more information about the body, and communication played a role as well. We needed to communicate in order to complete the labs.

An appropriate boss-level challenge for this class would be the video essay at the end of the quarter. It will show what we have learned in the class and at the same time our opinion on the subject matter. The video can be informative to other students about the media world and maybe potential problems in it.

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  1. Kathleen
    October 16, 2011 at 6:14 pm

    Thanks for the rewrite, Paige! Good defense of traditional grading and a nice example of a boss-level challenge.

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