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Free Press is a nonprofit association that is striving to change the media. This group wants a more liberated and varied media industry in the United States. Free Press believes this is an important issue because they think the news plays an important role in showing and shaping how the people view the world today. They believe the media has immoral policies and are seeking to change these policies with the help of the public. They are trying to give the public a voice in the media industry.

Chapter 3 discusses issues similar to the topics Free Press is fighting. One topic brought up in this chapter is “Regulating Ownership of Programming.” (pg. 86). This section describes one of the most debated issues in the media: “government protection of the ownership of media products.” Media industries can now have rights to all network programming, creating vertical integration. This problem can help explain why the people in the Free Press association do what they do. These people believe the media industry needs to be more “diverse and independent” and with media corporations having control over all aspects of a production creates a less diverse and independent industry. They want to constrain these growing media corporations and have a more liberated media industry.

One issue Free Press has addressed includes network neutrality. I think this is an important topic – the public should have the right to chose where, when, and what they do on the internet. One question I would like to ask the free press director is how did this idea come about and why do you think several American’s don’t know this is occurring or even a possibility? I had never heard of network neutrality until reading “Media/Society” and visiting the Free Press website. How can we get this information spread so that there are more Americans fighting for their rights to access the internet whenever they want and wherever they want?

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  1. Kathleen
    October 16, 2011 at 6:07 pm

    Thanks, Nicole! What a relevant question regarding net neutrality. How do you think awareness can be increased regarding this issue? What are your thoughts as to why more people don’t know about this? I hope Tuesday’s talk provided you with some insights!

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