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Media has a huge influence on our lives.  Everyday, we are bound to pay attention to at least one form of media, whether that is television, radio, newspapers, or the Internet.  In recent history, we began to see huge changes in our media.  Media concentration put many media outlets into the hands of just a few people, and this runs a large risk corruption and the lack of a free and open media.  Free Press is the leading organization beginning to push back against the unjust and closed media that has arisen in our society.  Free Press believes that “a vibrant, diverse and independent media is the cornerstone of a healthy democracy,” and the current system is anything but that.

One of the examples the book uses regarding political influence on the media is with the Internet, specifically net neutrality.  Since the Internet has been around, it has been an open-access forum, meaning that all users and content providers were treated the same.  The speed of the network that Amazon received was the same that ESPN received, as well as the same that Toyota received.  Now, however, there is a push by Internet providers such as Verizon and AT&T to create an unfair advantage on the Internet.  The idea is that there would be a high-speed network that you could pay to access and a much slower network for everyone else.  The fair marketplace of the Internet would be gone.  This is one of the things that Free Press is working to prevent.  My question for Free Press addresses the issue of net neutrality.  How can these Internet providers get any support at all for net neutrality?  Does their influence come from being large corporations and having a powerful lobbying body?  Are these huge media companies working to suppress the general knowledge about net neutrality, possibly be their ownership within other media outlets?

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  1. Kathleen
    October 16, 2011 at 7:16 pm

    Great post, Nick. I think you asked some very relevant questions that we saw specifically addressed at the talk on Tuesday.

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