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Free Press first started in 2002 by a media scholar Robert W. McChesney and Josh Silver. Free Press is a national, unbiased, nonprofit organization that is working to make changes and improve the media in the United States. The main aspects they promote are independent media, ownership, quality journalism, public media and universal access to independent communications. As of today Free Press is the largest media reform organization in the United States with half a million activists.  They believe the media system in our country is corrupt and that the only real people that have a say in how media is distributed and portrayed is the powerful media companies that have lobbyist get the laws passed that would benefit them. Free Press’s purpose is that they want the public to have a say in how the media should be distributed and portrayed.

One clear example that demonstrates why Free Press does what it does that was in the chapter on political influence on the media is when it was discussing “Net Neutrality.”  On page 89 it states that, “Instead, [telecommunication and cable providers], have proposed plans for a two-tiered Internet with an expensive high-speed network that major content providers will pay to access, along with a much slower lane for everyone else.” Free Press believes that the media should not be influenced solely on what politicians and media giants want. Instead they think that the public should have the real say in how they get their media. Also Free Press is against unequal treatment of media distrbution and their organization is trying to get rid of corrupt media tatics such as this one. If practices like these go into effect, it could have serious consequences for the general public.

One question I have that I would like to ask the director of Free Press is why has the issue of Net Neutrality occurred fairly recently? Why didn’t cable providers do this two lane Internet when the internet was first created and widely used by the public? Also another question I have is what can members of the general public do to try and stop media companies from proforming unethical practices such as this?

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  1. Kathleen
    October 16, 2011 at 7:26 pm

    Great post, Matt! The history of net neutrality would be very interesting. Good questions and nice summation of the issues.

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