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Free Press is a nonprofit media advocacy organization focusing on reforming media through education, organizing and advocacy by promoting diverse and independent media ownership, strong public media, quality journalism and universal access to communications. They are trying to gather the public and their ideas on reforming media and also to do some high-caliber research, in order to propose better media policies making sure real care about public interests.

As the book, Media/Society, claims, “Government regulation is important because it sets the ground rules within which media must operate…when we consider the role of media in the social world, we must take into account the influence of these outside forces” (P111), which means that the contribution to decisions of media is probably not just based on what we are interested. What makes Free Press to do what they are doing is the concern that the public interests are no longer cared about by media policies, and the public are no longer the participants but only the accepters. In fact, when there is a tension between public interests, media’s responsibility, and the government’s consideration or need, the latter always goes first for the decisions of media, which is unfair for us. As the book points out, “What constitutes the “national interest” is a debatable topic, but governments sometimes regulate media to protect or advance what it defines as the national interest-the goals and ambitions of a nation” (P105). Considering the situation like this lack of benefits for the public, an organization like Free Press is necessary to be founded.

Question: High-speed broadband Internet is now important for the public to get whatever information. Considering the large number of the people do not have the high-speed broadband Internet to use, Free Press is trying to work on making that kind of Internet available and affordable for more people. How could they get support of FCC and relevant companies to reach the goals by provide the service to the regions where have not been covered by high-speed broadband Internet and reducing the price to make it affordable, which seems a big process and hard to be finished.

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  1. Kathleen
    October 16, 2011 at 7:30 pm

    Good summation of Free Press and you ask an extremely insightful question. I wish you would have asked it on Tuesday!

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