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Free Press was launched in late 2002 by Robert w. McChesney and Josh Silver.  They set up a nonpartisan, national, nonprofit organization working to reform the media.  Free Press promoted diverse and independent media ownership, quality journalism, universal access to communications and strong public media.  Free Press has built up so much that it is now the largest media reform organization in the U.S.  They believe the media reform is long overdue and they want to create better news and entertainment.

Free Press is standing up to Net Neutrality.  As talked about in our book, Net Neutrality, is when major cable company’s
want to set up a system where they speed up the internet for their user.(89)  The users of the cable company would have to pay in order to get top speed internet and those that do not have this special service would have slow connection and even be banned from some sites.   This is what Free Press is trying to
prevent.  In order to reach their goals of reforming media Free Press must prevent net neutrality because it does not
promote independent media ownership.

A question I’d like to ask Free Press about would be how they plan to raise issues about Net Neutrality.  What kind of methods do they have about reaching out to their audiences and coming up with a plan to stop this issue.  They have a page on their website that states what it is and they have blogs and a
way to donate but they do not have a plan of how to get the public thinking about this issue.  The first time I heard about Net Neutrality was when I read their campaign about it.  How is Free Press going to try to prevent it if not very many people know about it?  Free Press has a lot of videos explaining what the issue is but if people do not visit their website they will never know about it.  They need a lot of people to help fight this
issue and they need to get a bigger percentage of the public informed about it.

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  1. Kathleen
    October 16, 2011 at 6:48 pm

    Good summary about the goals of Free Press and the issues raised in the chapter. You’re asking an important question, too. What is a strategy to get the public to pay attention to these issues? Hopefully Tuesday’s talk provided some insight to these questions!

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